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Hey short people! Looking for a way to get taller?

Try replacing your feet with LIVE BEARS. You’ll be taller AND have two LIVE BEARS ATTACHED TO YOUR BODY.

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Randy and his pants

This show is gold

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Everyone needs to start watching Trailer Park Boys on Netflix.

Do you ever have those urges where you just fucking hate everybody and everything and you snap at the next person to talk to you but you don’t mean it. I have a really long fucking day tomorrow and I just got this sudden feeling of intense anger and hostility for no reason and it’s driving me insane. 


If anything comes from Robin Williams’ death, I hope it brings more awareness to depression. Even someone so outwardly upbeat and full of life can succumb to depression.

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R.I.P. Robin Williams, thank you for making us laugh throughout the years.

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I need an extremely submissive boy to take my sexual frustration out on

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Anonymous said: you are great and worthwhile and meaningful

Whyyy are youu anonnn?? show me your cute little face!

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"I’m straight…"


"…But I’ve wanted to experiment before…"


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